Short Stuff Camp Directors 

Lisa Cooley/Kim Manley 

(864) 437-9196/(864) 221-5721

Kim has been involved in the South Carolina camping ministry for 40 years. She attended her first time at age 8 and has not missed a year since then. She also loves working in her local church as the minister of music and serves wherever else she is needed. Her nine to five job is a paralegal which she has enjoyed doing for the past 20+ years. Camp Agape has given her many great lifelong friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Lisa attended South Carolina camping ministry for the first time (by herself) when she was eight years old. She loved it so much, the next year she brought a car full of girls from her local church with her. She loves the unity, closeness, and friendships that the camping ministry offers young people. She considers it a wonderful blessing to see the kids come up through the camping ministry and grow into leaders by applying to work in camp and then attend with their kids. One of her greatest joys was having her niece and nephew attend Short Stuff Camp with her the summer of 2016.
Outside of the camping ministry, Lisa works for AnMed Health in Materials Management. She serves in her local church as the youth director and works with the children’s ministry as well. She also enjoys spoiling her nephew and two nieces.

Camp Agape 

Senior Camp Directors

Mark & Jennifer Wagnon  Phone: (864)-365-5646

Mark and Jennifer are from Charleston/Summerville, SC. They live now in Greenville, SC. They have been married for 10 Years and have 3 kids (twin boys, Judah & Gavin, and firecracker girl, Gracie) Their kids LOVE CAMP!!! Every year they want to have their birthday at camp or skip Christmas so camp gets here faster! Mark started attending camp at age 15! Jennifer started going to camp when she was in Short Stuff age. They have been Serving at Camp Agape for past 15 years. Serving in FULL TIME ministry past 9 years at their local church. In 2015 they became Senior Pastors at College Park Church, Senior Camp Directors & State Youth Directors. We love camping ministry because they are our next generation of leaders

Camp Agape SC COGOP
1030 East McIver Road
Darlington, SC 29532

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Physical Address:

 55 Wildwood Rd.

Marietta, SC 29661

Junior Camp Directors

Justin & Abby Vaughn (843) 909-4895

Justin was born and raised in the Low country of South Carolina. He was awarded the honor of Teacher of the Year by his local school in 2014-2015 and continues to teach 1st grade at Hilton Head Island School for the Creative Arts. Justin is happily married to his best friend, Abby Vaughn and they both share a Border Collie named Paisley! Justin has felt a calling on his life to become a foster parent for years and began the process in 2014. He became licensed in 2015 and has shared his home with those in need of a loving family since. Camp Agape has played a major role in Justin's life since the age of 8 years old. He began volunteering for Camp Agape in 2005. His heart feels at home when serving in this ministry!

Abby started serving in Junior Camp in 2013 and fell in love with the ministry as she fell in love with her husband, Justin, and has served every year since! The camping ministry is something she looks forward to every year. She was born in Pennsylvania but has been a southerner for over 10 years. She currently works at the University of South Carolina Beaufort as its Purchasing Director and has worked with on campus Bible Studies there for many years.
Abby has loved being a part of Justin's foster care journey and her heart is forever changed by each child who comes through their house and calls her "Mom". When she isn't at Camp Agape, you can find her with a good book in one hand and a cup of Starbucks coffee in the other!

​​ Freshman Camp Directors

Sylvia & Abraham Staten 

Sylvia began working in the camping ministry in SC over 25 years ago. After a few years away from directing She's back. Sylvia earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Columbia International University. She has also served in the following positions:• Instructor of the Fairfield Central High School, Winnsboro, SC • Certified Prevention Specialist for Fairfield Co. • Director of a G-Cap Project in Greenwood Co. Sylvia also Pastored CoGoP in Winnsboro for 17 years and presently serves with excellence as Pastor of the Place of Grace, CoGoP in Rock Hill, SC. Serving alongside Pastor Sylvia in camping ministry is her son Abraham. 

Abraham grew up alongside his brothers in the camping ministry. Abraham started working in the camping ministry under the direction of his parents as a young man and has returned to serve alongside his Mom. Abraham is 36 years old and proud father of Ms. Kennedy 12 yrs old & Mr. Chase 3 yrs old. He is multi-talented in the ministry of music, and He holds a BS degree in Child and family studies from Benedict College. Abraham works as a social worker with the Department of Social Services in the Foster Care division. He is also currently working on his solo career, producing and writing in his own play; “There’s a King Inside You”.  He loves to laugh and tell jokes. He loves Jesus Christ and grateful for every day that God has given him to get it right.

“You pay now, or you pay later!”


Camp Administrative Assistant

Rhonda Cooper  (843) 


Camp Agape Program Coordinator:

 "Mandy" Amanda L. McLaughlin Cell: 843-617-5318

Mandy started serving the camping ministry of SC at the age of 15. Over the years she has worked in every capacity except the official lifeguard & nurse.  Mandy has not missed a year of working in camping ministry in 24 yrs. She fell in love with the impact camping ministry makes in the lives of campers all over the state of SC.
Mandy’s journey through leadership started at the age of 12 through many roles and currently serving as an Associate Pastor at a local church. She is an Ordained Minister in the COGOP.  Her leadership in the church would transcend into the public sector into her high school years as 1st female JROTC Drill Team Commander of her high school. At a young age, her leadership abilities stood out as she was awarded the AMVETS medal for excellence in Leadership.

 Mandy worked in retail management for 13 years until God told her to quit. After a year of driving a school bus, she enrolled at the age of 29 in Coker College, Hartville SC; where she double majored and earned a BA in Psychology with a concentration in counseling and a Bachelor of Social Work Degree. Two weeks after graduation started the Advanced Standing Social Work Graduate School Program at the University of South Carolina & helped conduct multiple research project focused food insecurity, community empowerment, federal grants.  She graduated 11 months later in 2013 and was employed with Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities advocating for children and adults with issues surrounding education, housing, accessibility, employment and discrimination.  During the summer of 2015, she became employed full-time with Coker College as Assistant Professor of Social Work and Field Education program coordinator & currently serves as the Camp Agape Youth Camp Program Coordinator.  Mandy strives to live life serving God and others with excellence. 

Batesburg, SC

State Camp Ground​​

6952 Fairview Rd. Batesburg-Leesville, SC 29006​​

Camp Agape ​

Camp Agape is an overnight camp for 5k-12th graders to experience the message of Jesus Christ while having the time of their life. Camps are staffed by all volunteers who are members of the South Carolina Church of God of Prophecy. Our volunteers can’t wait to hang out with your kids and share the love of Christ through every aspect of camp!

At Camp Agape, we promise to give you a week off from parenting and to be intentional in the lives of your campers. For one week out of the year, leave the kids with us. We will handle the meals, devotions, recreation, snacks, fun time, services, baths, and bedtime. 

The camping ministry in SC is a vital asset to families, communities, and churches. There is nothing compared to being a part of sharing the love of Christ with campers and helping them develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  We strive to aid parents in equipping their campers with a  knowledge of scripture and tools for warfare in prayer which is necessary to stand & live a life dedicated to deepening their relationship with Christ. We strive to aid parents in educating campers in ways to share their faith & the love of Jesus they have experienced with others. We as staff take the time necessary to walk with campers as they navigate their personal journey in learning and understanding how to be the hands and feet of Christ in serving others. SC Camping Ministry connects campers with ways to engage with their friends, churches, communities, and camping ministry so they can use, practice the knowledge, and share their experience with others.  We want to help your kids build the life-changing relationship with Christ and lifelong friendships all over South Carolina. Our goal is to help evangelize, empower, equip,  and engage campers in working in their local churches and communities. Remember kids are not just the church of tomorrow,

KIDS ARE THE CHURCH OF NOW!                                                                                  

Camp Agape is the State Youth Camping Program of the South Carolina Church of God of Prophecy.