PACK A CAMP & 2018 Stats 

In 2018 one dream for Camp Agape was to pack our campground out each week. We didn't reach our goal but our camper numbers did rise....


2018 had a large number of brand new campers. This was an amazing opportunity for us to show the love of Jesus and share our love for Camp Agape with others. 

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GAGA anyone

All campers had the opportunity to take advantage of our two new gaga pits.  The best way I know to describe it is a 20 x 20 octagon everyone jumps in and plays a newer version of dodgeball. 

Fonda's Favorites 

Fonda's Favorites has been working hard sponsoring children to attend Camp Agape for the past 2 years.

2018 Fonda's Favorites sponsored 11 children.

2017 Fonda's Favorites sponsored 14 children. 

The Summer of a lifetime for children & youth